CAMS Integral to Success of New Tidewater Traffic Defense Partnership

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Tidewater Traffic Defense is the Brainchild of Ed Railey When Ed Railey started his new venture, Tidewater Traffic Defense, he turned to CAMS for help with direct mail marketing. It’s been an interesting ride. Tidewater Traffic Defense is a subsidiary of Railey and Railey, PC, based in Courtland, VA. (The other Railey is Ed’s dad, […]

Insurance Companies Among the Future Victims of Self-Driving Car (along with PI, Traffic, and Criminal Lawyers)

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A recent disclosure on the insurance sector contained in a Price Waterhouse analysis reveals what the CAMS Newsletter has been preaching for years: self-driving cars are about to decimate the insurance industry, among others. This was an issue that we have covered in past editions of the CAMS Newsletter, but the market is beginning to […]

Want a More Productive Staff? How I Added Hours To The Work Day Converting My Office From PC To Mac

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I remember when I heard that our colleague Bob Battle had converted his entire office to Mac. I kept thinking how painful the transition must have been and how there was no way we could do that. What about the learning curve? How would every staff member possibly learn to navigate using that backwards, left-handed […]

Quick Response Codes

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Quick Response (“QR”) codes are the latest tool to help lawyers connect with prospective clients. This new feature allows smartphone users to very rapidly navigate to your website to learn more information about your firm/practice. CAMS now has 3 experienced graphic designers using state-of-the-art Apple iMacs to design exactly the right mail piece for your […]

Self Driving Cars Are About To Eliminate 99% Of The Traffic Defense Market. How Will That Affect Your Firm?

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The passenger compartment is about to be transformed, as former drivers safely work on laptops, eat meals, read books, watch movies and call friends. Cars will be programmed to pick up people, drive them to their destination and then park by themselves may change the lives of the elderly and disabled by providing critical mobility. […]