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By Mari Hardenbergh

The buzz word in the direct marketing world today is TARGETED. What’s so great about targeted advertising? Traditionally, targeted advertising is a means of ad placement that is based on the buyer’s habits or prior history of purchasing. It’s also tied to demographics such as location, age, gender, education, and interests. This is what makes Facebook Ads so popular. You can select an audience demographic that relates to the product or service you are advertising. For example, let’s suppose you sell malpractice insurance to accountants in Virginia. With a Facebook Ad, you can select demographics that include location (Virginia), age range (25-55), and gender (all). You can target a more specific audience by selecting interests such as tax preparation, Bookkeeping and accounting. This audience selection would probably get your ad some pretty good exposure. You could also expose your ad to your existing customers if you used your current customer files (lists of email addresses, phone numbers or app ID’s) and Facebook’s nifty tool for creating custom audiences from custom files. Creating a Facebook Ad campaign using your existing customer audience is an ideal way to target current newsletter or blog subscribers.

But what if you could zero in even further? What if you could actually identify a potential client or customer that had an immediate need for your product or service and then target that potential client or customer DIRECTLY on their newsfeed? For Virginia’s traffic and criminal attorneys, CAMS makes this possible. CAMS was the first automated court data compilation service offering leads and mail service for attorneys in Virginia. Now CAMS is the first to offer DIRECT TARGETED Facebook Advertising. We can take the same list of leads that we are using to target traffic and criminal defendants charged in Virginia’s courts, and advertise to them on their specific Facebook pages. This takes targeted advertising to a new level. Most importantly, it gives you the chance to get your marketing message in front of people who need your services before anyone, even CAMS, can get a letter in the mailbox.

As with all our products, CAMS tested Direct Targeted Facebook Advertising using our law firm partner, Charles V. Hardenbergh PC. We fed their direct mail list into our system, and located Facebook ID’s for many of the defendants on that list. Then we designed a 100% Bar compliant Facebook ad, uploaded our list, and created an existing customer audience Facebook ad campaign. In a few hours the firm received a phone call from a defendant who had been ticketed in Virginia that morning. She thought the ad was a scam and couldn’t believe how quickly we knew she had been ticketed. When we explained to her that it was not a scam and that if she simply paid the Reckless Driving ticket she would be guilty of a criminal offense, she was so grateful that she immediately traveled to our office and promptly paid us in cash to represent her.

CAMS Targeted Facebook Ads are the perfect (and only) way to get your message in front of an audience of potential customers that definitely need your product or service before anyone – even me – can get a letter in their mailbox. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and win the race to the newsfeed, then email me NOW at, or call Brandon at 804-277-2785 for immediate answers.

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