We’re excited to announce the launch of a new website that will allow subscribers to search all Virginia jurisdictions for any and all traffic or criminal cases, without having to search individual jurisdictions. As most of our subscribers know, the database found at requires searchers to know the specific jurisdiction in which a case has been filed – or to search each and every jurisdiction hoping to blunder into the case by sheer determination. Our new service simplifies the process considerably, and it’s totally free.

The new website,, is available at no charge – all you have to do is set up an account (a simple process) and you’re ready to go. While there are a few different ways to search for what you’re looking for, couldn’t be simpler. All you really need is the defendant’s last name; in fact, if you’re willing to do additional looking, you don’t even need the full last name, just the first two letters. Of course, the more information you have, the easier it will be to look through the possible results, but regardless, it’s far simpler than ponderously searching every jurisdiction in the Commonwealth.

The site has three different search options. The simplest, a name search, uses the defendant’s name (or part of the name, if you’re unsure, say, about spelling) to give you results which include the defendant’s full name as it appears in the case file, the court having jurisdiction over the case, the case number, the file date, and the charges filed. Clicking through this first level of results, you will receive further data on the defendant (including, for example, the defendant’s status and attorney’s name) and on the charges filed. You will also get information on hearings and the disposition in some cases. You can even limit the searches to particular courts, and can choose to have the search results sorted by court, case number, defendant, file date, or charge. And you will soon be able to ask for automated alerts on the case of the defendant, sent directly to your email.

The other two search options available to you, a search by hearing date or what we call the “ultimate search”, allow you to refine your search to uncover the specific cases you want to see, if you have additional information beyond the defendant’s name. is a significant improvement over the official Commonwealth site, and can save you enormous amounts of time in finding the basics of a case.

Now, for some very important cautionary words, so important that we’re going to risk losing your confidence to a certain extent. While we are very confident that will save you time in finding information on a particular case in Virginia – which court it’s in, for example – we simply cannot guarantee the completeness and/or accuracy of much of the information you’ll turn up. This is because we do not control in any way the process by which this information is gathered, collated, and reported. The information we present is gathered from a number of locations and was created originally by a number of sources, all of which are completely outside of our control, whether direct or indirect. Certain information, therefore, may be incorrect, out of date, or missing. We cannot be sure about such things as we do not generate the original information we present.

Which Virginia court has jurisdiction over the matter will most likely be the primary reason visitors to our database will use. We are confident that this information is correct and that the site will be extremely useful to you for that reason alone. Any other information to be gathered may be helpful, sure, but its veracity cannot be guaranteed. The actual information sought can be obtained directly from the court involved if necessary. We caution you strongly to verify all information independently.

Given the nature of the information presented, and given further that we cannot vouch for the accuracy of much of the information you may find on our site, it should go without saying that the information presented should never be used in its raw form to make any significant decision with respect to the case itself, its prosecution or defense, or with respect to the named defendant(s). But we’ll say it anyway: Do not use the information presented on as a basis for making any decision with respect to the presented case itself, its prosecution or defense, or with respect to any named defendant(s). Hiring or firing decisions, background checks, case strategy, or court appearances simply must be based on information you verify separately and apart from the data disclosed via this website. The outcome of malpractice or defamation claims may ride on independent verification of information contained on

Don’t be foolish. In the words of a former President of the United States: Trust, but verify.

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