Meet Our Marketing Coordinator

Meet Our Marketing Coordinator

It’s a pleasure to introduce all of our readers to our employee of the year, Rosemarie Larew (or as we call her, Rosie). She joined our team in the summer of 2014, settling into a role as our Marketing Coordinator. We hadn’t specifically advertised for such an opening, but our ad on craigslist drew her attention and resumé, which led to an interview.

We were immediately impressed with her experience in managing content for a previous employer in publishing. Our biggest challenge is keeping up with our marketing priorities and with publishing two newsletters, but Rosie took the
bull by the horns and started putting together professional, consistent, and popular products.

While her work is generally done behind the scenes in a quiet way, her results speak for themselves. One of her major projects this year was an initiative to send birthday cards
to my friends and family. She started with my Facebook friends, gathering their mailing addresses and steadily building a database, preparing the cards for me to sign and getting them mailed. Once they have been added to our list, we begin sending them this newsletter. Rosie prepares most of the content, and she ensures that it is proofed and edited in time for publishing.

We selected Rosie as our employee of the year because of results—her efforts produced a sustained and unprecedented period of growth and prosperity. But she also won by virtue of her loyalty to the team. While “office politics” or personality conflicts often cause problems for any business with numerous players, Rosie never allows anything to come before the team.

Because of her quiet professionalism, her dedication to the team, and the results she helped achieve, Rosie stood out as our annual MVP. She earned a raise and a bouquet, but most important is the recognition she deserves for making a positive difference in people’s lives through our practice. As our Marketing Coordinator, she ensures that our message is reaching the right people who get the help they needed.

“I was very surprised, and a little embarassed,” Rosie said about receiving the award. “We have a great team, and we are dedicated to taking the best care of our clients. Everyone has an important role at the firm. I’d like to thank Van and Mari for providing all of us with this opportunity.”

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