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A Day in the CAMS Print Shop

A Day in the CAMS Print Shop

It’s 2 o’clock in the CAMS Print Shop, and the afternoon feeds are coming in. A “feed” is a spreadsheet of data that is downloaded directly to our Print Shop computer, thanks to our IT wizards. Their software program finds defendants’ case information, as well as their most current mailing addresses.


Linda Gardener, CAMS Print Shop Manager, opens the spreadsheet and records the number of cases coming in for the CAMS client. With a mail merge, she generates a letter and an envelope for each case. She prints the envelopes, and then the merged letters, on our DP50 (nicknamed Elvis). Next, she loads the letters, envelopes, and brochures (if the client sends one) into the inserting machine, which will stuff and seal the envelope with the press of a button. To ensure quality, Linda runs through one letter, and if all is well, sends the rest.


In addition to Elvis and the inserter, we have two Canons, which Linda uses as backup should Elvis malfunction. She estimates that the Print Shop has about $50K worth of equipment.


Next, “Super Stamper” Cary Davis gets busy. We don’t need a postage machine—we have Cary, who estimates that he can stamp about 1,000 letters per hour. Every letter that leaves our building is hand-stamped, and there’s a good reason for it. “It gives a more personalized touch to mailings, “ Linda explains, because a hand-stamped piece of mail looks like it came from someone who cares about you.  “Our letters are less likely to end up in the trash without being opened,” she says.


Cary quickly fills up postal totes. At least twice a day he carries them out the back door of our building and walks about 50 yards to the loading dock of the post office. (Our location is one reason that Van and Mari Hardenbergh decided to buy the building.)


Ready to Get Started?


At CAMS, we strive to be your business partner, not just another vendor you hire. If you are a data client, no doubt your practice has gotten busier (a new CAMS client recently landed nine cases in one day!). As your practice continues to grow, it’s time to think about the next step in the process: direct mail fulfillment.


“A very successful attorney told me long ago to outsource direct mail fulfillment,” says Van Hardenbergh, founding member of CAMS. “And he was absolutely right. Think about it. How much is your time worth? Did you go to law school to learn how to stuff envelopes? I don’t think so.”


If you have support staff in your office, they should stay busy answering phones and handling case management. “Trust me,” Van says. “They don’t like stuffing envelopes either.”


Here are just a few reasons to choose CAMS fulfillment service:


  • Not only will you consolidate your marketing efforts, you’ll save yourself time and money, as well as the hassle of getting your mail to the post office on time.
  • We have all the equipment, supplies, and manpower to help you achieve success with your direct mail campaign. We buy paper, envelopes, and ink in bulk to save money. We also have climate-controlled storage space and an on-call A+ maintenance technician.
  • All letters are hand-stamped. We know that people are more likely to open a letter with that has a stamp than one run through a postage machine.
  • Our office is just steps away from the post office, and your letters will get there are quickly as possible. As Van has said again and again, direct mail success depends on being first to the mailbox.
  • You can relax, knowing that our team has handled your mail professionally from start to finish.


For more information about CAMS direct mail fulfillment service, call Teresa today at (844) BUY-CAMS.

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