Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll

Tumble Weed

Casa Grande, AZ — For some drivers in south central Arizona, March 4, 2015, was their lucky day. As police pursued yet another white SUV down the highway, the occupants flung bales of pot out of the windows. Dash-cam video released by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office shows bales flying through the air, some exploding as they hit the pavement of Interstate 8.

The high-speed chase ended when the Chevy Trailblazer left the highway and hit spike strips. Mario Perez-Paz of Mexico and Juan Aguilar-Zavala from who knows where made a run for it but were quickly captured. Police recovered 17 bales (374 pounds); motorists got the rest. The men were headed for a stash house in Mesa, where police rounded up 20 illegal immigrants.

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