Direct Mail

Could Licking Postage Stamps Be Ruining Your Diet?

Before the days of automated machines sealing envelopes and peel-and-stick stamps, you licked the stamp and stuck it on the envelope if you wanted to mail a letter. In fact, some people still prefer them, and there are even specialty stamps with flavored adhesive available. But have you ever wondered what you are ingesting as you savor the wonderful flavor of a postage stamp?

Polyvinyl alcohol and dextrin are the primary ingredients, and they don’t sound like a very healthy food source. Besides, who really likes the taste of a postage stamp? Lucky for us, the adhesive used on a US postage stamp contains about a tenth of a calorie per lick as opposed to a British stamp which contains 5.9 calories. One CAMS member recently sent 3,281 letters on a very busy day, which in British stamps would be over 19,000 calories – more than 35 Big Macs! Trying to convince your staffers to lick a day’s worth of direct mail stamps would be quite a challenge on the other side of the pond.

But using a highly trained professional staff member to prepare your mailings is just as outdated as licking a postage stamp (and probably just as distasteful to your staff). If you’re tired of dealing with broken printers and empty ink cartridges, running out of paper or postage stamps, and asking “Did the letters go out today?”, consider getting out of the printing business and back into practicing law.

CAMS’ fulfillment option turns those hours spent by your staff preparing direct mail pieces into time spent converting potential clients into paying clients. Your staff will appreciate the instant promotion from mail clerk to legal professional-guaranteed! Try our service for a week. If you aren’t 100% absolutely convinced that it was one of the best business decisions you have ever made, the cost of the mailings is on us – you just pay for postage.

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